Yutaka HoriRepresentative Partner


  • Executive Director, Vice President, Member of the Management Council and Visiting Professor of Chiba University, National University Corporation
  • Former Member of the Public Interest Commission of the Cabinet Office
  • Executive Director, Japan LAWASIA Friendship Association
  • Auditors of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies in Japan; Corporate Auditor, Sakhalin LNG Service Co., Ltd.
  • Members of various public committees, outside directors, corporate auditors, advisory board members, advisors, etc. of various Listed companies
  • Director of Common Achievement Tests Organization for medical University
  • Director of Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • Director of Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • Auditor-Secretary of The Japan Foundation for the United Nations University, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • Chairman of Pasona Reiwa Foundation, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • Former part-time lecturer of Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University
  • Graduated from Graduate law School, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Main publications

  • Overview and Application of Method for Securing Claims in Australia [General Discussion] [Itemized Discussion] (NBL No.388; NBL No.389)
  • Overview of Regulation on Futures Transactions in Australia [PartⅠ] [PartⅡ][PartⅢ](NBL No.390; NBL No.392; NBL No. 395)
  • Real Estate Transactions in Australia (Dobunkan)
  • Examination of Holding of Preferred Shares and Regulation on Shareholding under Anti-trust law(Shoji Homu No.1361)
  • Trends in International Trade Law: Serial (Kokusai Shoji Homu)
  • Treatment of Securitized Transactions Involving Assignment of Nominative Claims under Bankruptcy Proceedings(NBL No.508)
  • Commentary on Financial Futures Transaction Act(Co-authored; Shoji Homu Kenkyu-Kai)
  • Securitization and Small-Lot Transactions of Real Estate-Related Rights [PartⅠ] [PartⅡ](NBL No.517; NBL No.523)
  • Examination of Bank Merging Procedures under the Act on Special Measures for Creation of Bank Holding Companies(Shoji Homu No.1477)
  • Status of Shareholders Observed in the Legislation Relating to Restructuring of Joint-Stock Corporations(Shoji Homu No.1539)
  • Certain Consideration of Non-Proportionate Demerger and Principle of Shareholder Equality(Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No.1563)
  • Overview of Structure of and Legal Framework for Debit Cards(Financial Law Journal Nos.1573, 1576, 1579, 1580, 1583, 1585, 1586 and 1587)
  • Internal Control (supervised; Shoji Homu Kenkyu-Kai)
  • Overview of Financial Instruments Business and General Business of Financial Institutions (Financial Law Journal No.1992)
  • Detailed Commentary on Judicial Precedents on Trust-Related Cases: From the Perspectives of Practical Trust Business (Co-authored; Kinzai Institute For Financial Affairs, Inc)