Tomonori FujiikeRepresentative Partner

Representative Partner in Fujiike Group of Hori & Partners


  • Adjunct Instructor (Corporate Law), Chiba University, School of Law
  • Chair, Legal Affairs Committee, Japan Multi-Payment Network Management Organization
  • Chair, Legal Affairs Committee, Japan Electronic Payment Promotion Organization
  • Kings College, University of London (LL.M.)

Main publications

  • Overview of Mechanism of Settlements of Postal-Savings Funds in Online/Offline Debit Transactions (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1589)
  • Overview of Legal Composition Proposal Relating to Internet Debit Payment (Co-authored; NBL No. 699)
  • Examination of Legal Composition Proposal on Internet Escrow Settlements (Co-authored; NBL No. 707)
  • Examination of Regulations under Public Law Concerning Settlement Services by Business Corporations (Financial Law Journal No. 1631)
  • Legal Overview of Multi-Payment Network’s Service of Storing Local Government Funds (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1663)
  • ‘The Holding and Transfer of Interests in Securities in England and Japan-Compared with the Holding and Transfer of Funds’ in T.Kubota ed. Cyberlaw for Global E-Business, Information Science Reference.
  • Internal Control of Financial Institutions under the new Companies Act (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1766)
  • Scandal-Reporting Framework and Whistle-Blowing System at Financial Institutions (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1771)
  • Information Management Framework at Financial Institutions (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1774)
  • Insider Trading Prevention System at Financial Institutions (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1777)
  • Framework for Compliance with the Anti-trust law at Financial Institutions (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1779)
  • System for Managing System Risk at Financial Institutions(Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1782)
  • Internal Control under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act [Vol. 1] [Vol. 2] (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1785 and No.1787)
  • Appointment/supervision of Outsources, Agencies and Brokers, and Internal Control (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1790)
  • Management Framework under New Financial Inspection Manual and Business Manager’s Responsibility (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 1795)
  • Review of the Singapore Payment Services Act on Retail Payment Services(Financial Law Journal No. 2126)
  • New Trust Act and Discretionary Trust/Trust with Right to Designate Beneficiary: Comparison of Discretionary Trust under the laws of United Kingdom to Trust with Right to Designate Beneficiary (Financial Law Journal No. 1810)
  • General Application of Trust As a Means of Preserving Customer Assets (Financial Affairs No. 2840)
  • We Hope to See Foreign Securities Transactions Examined More Closely in Light of the Substantive Law (Financial Law Journal No. 1798)
  • Ten Perspectives on Amendment of Law of Claims As Seen from the Eyes of Practical Business: Statute of Limitation on Claims, Seizure and Setoff (NBL No. 920)
  • Detailed Commentary on Trust-Related Judicial Precedents: From the Perspectives of Practical Trust Business (Co-authored; Kinzai Institute For Financial Affairs, Inc)
  • New Charitable Trust Legislation and the Role of Financial Institutions(Financial Law Journal No. 2146)
  • Introduction to Financial Law Practice(Co-authored; Economic Legal Research Institute)
  • Handbook on Personal Data Protection for Financial Institutions(Co-authored; Kinzai Institute For Financial Affairs, Inc)
  • Overview of Legal Framework for Cash Outflows through J-Debit Mechanism (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 2092)
  • Member Store Management for Payment Services in a Cashless Society (Co-authored; Kinzai Weekly Financial Affairs (August 6, 2018)
  • Separation of Entity Exercising Voting Rights of Shares by Trust from Entity to which Economic Benefits are Attributed: Overlap of Trust Act and Companies Act (Report by Mizuho Trust Products Legal Research Group) (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No. 2155)