Yoshiteru EndoOf Counsel

Of Counsel


  • Professor Emeritus, Chiba University
  • Former Examiner for Second-Stage National Bar Examination (Commercial Law)
  • Outside member of compliance committees of corporations

Main publications

  • Modern Issues and Evolution of Business Combination Law (Co-authored; Shoji Homu)
  • Theory and Evolution of Economic Laws: Lecture on Economic Laws Volume 1 (Co-authored; Sanseido)
  • Clause-by-Clause Commentary on the Companies Act: Volume 1 – General Provisions & Incorporation (Co-authored; Chuo Keizaisha)
  • Commentary on the Companies Act Volume 17 (Co-authored; Shoji Homu)
  • New Basic Commentary on the Companies Act Ⅱ[Jurisprudence Seminar Supplementary Volume No. 205](Co-authored; Nihon Hyoronsha)
  • Commentary on the Companies Act Volume 18 (Co-authored; Shoji Homu)
  • Corporate Governance on Holding Companies: Introduction (Chiba University journal of Law & Politics Vol.11, No.1)
  • Consideration of Certain Legal Points of Insurance Holding Companies (Sophia University Law Review Vol. 41, No.1)
  • Certain Consideration on Non-Proportionate Corporate Divestiture and Principle of Shareholder Equality (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No.1563)
  • Examination of Scope of Business of Financial Holding Companies and Controlled Corporations (Co-authored; Journal of The Law of Finance (Material Part) Vol.17)
  • Consequence of Shareholders’ Voting Rights after Record Date under the Companies Act (Co-authored; Financial Law Journal No.1784)